Below is a grid of concept art for FFIX Gaiden, which will gradually grow as the story progresses. As new characters are introduced and new locations are visited, I will update this page as I see fit.


A concept piece of Jack/Gil in travel gear. This is not accurate to the timeline as he's much younger than he would be wearing that sort of clothing. A mockup of Jack/Gil in a ruin of some sort. NEW!!
M and Utna's house, second floor landing. There used to be no credenza.

A more recent design of child Sidori, alongside Jack/Gil. Child Jack/Gil and Sidori, testing out clothing designs, this time in blue. A somewhat old version of Sidori's design. Another old design of Sidori, much closer to the official version.

Sidori, looking much closer to the official design. Constance. One of the children. (???) NEW!!
M's father, Utna Hishin, using the original SD-like art style of FFIX.

Really old designs of preteen M, Sidori, Jack/Gil, and Enkido (as seen from left to right) with Montfrey in the middle. Montfrey is the only Gaiden-only character whose design remained essentially the same. Montfrey. This image was redrawn for a panel of the comic. NEW!!
Child Sidori in color. NEW!!
Child M (Morrigan Hishin) in color.