Ch 2 - P 16
19th Dec 2018, 8:48 PM in CHAPTER TWO
Ch 2 - P 16
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Author Notes
Bandkanon edit delete
OK so this is a super late update and I apologize, but it was for several good reasons:

1) it's christmas season which is always busy and annoying and stressful
2) The above circumstances helped to slow me down with progress on this page, as well as the next thing on this list
3) I went back and refinished practically every page to Chapter 1 for the sake of stylistic consistency, fixing some dialogue issues, adding and omitting panels for better flow, and improving panels that looked really, REALLY bad to me. This took the entirety of December and some of November to complete, and still I feel like I could go back and fix things-- but for once I can look back at these pages and not feel like my cringe is going to twist my face out of proportion permanently.

So yes I would STRONGLY SUGGEST going back and rereading chapter 1, as a lot has been changed (mostly just visually). You'll see a lot has also stayed the same as well, and that's because I didn't completely redraw pages. I picked out bits and pieces that I felt needed to be drawn over or replaced (such as faces, some backgrounds, proportions, added details, etc), leaving the majority of the pages the same. I'd LIKE to be able to provide a side-by-side comparison, and I was even planning on opening an extra page for the purpose of viewing the original versions of the comic pages, but had little time to do it in. I definitely still plan on doing that though, and some time soon I'll hopefully have a new page in the Extras section. I guess you should just keep an ear out for the announcement when it's finally done.

In the meantime, go ahead and tell me what you think of the changes in the comments! Is it bad? Is it good? Do you think I should have put more or less work on one thing or another? This is a webcomic, so I'm ALWAYS able to go back and fix whatever!


(ノ 。•́‿•̀。)ノ:・゚✧HAPPY FIRST (1st) ANNIVERSARY, FFIX GAIDEN!:・゚✧
(✺^▽^)✺ And happy belated anniversary to you as well, Final Fantasy 1!
✺(^▽^✺) And also happy holidays for those celebrating them!
I'm glad I at least got this out on the day of the comic's anniversary. Probably 20 hours late but still. Thanks to everyone that's stuck around to read for this long, and anyone just getting into it! There's a lot more coming, so stay tuned and all that jazz~

Next week I might not be able to update because holidays and all-- or maybe I will! Who knows. All the more reason to keep an eye on my social media accounts.

Oh and one more thing:

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