Ch 3 - P 09
29th Apr 2019, 6:03 PM in CHAPTER THREE
Ch 3 - P 09
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Author Notes
Bandkanon edit delete
Posting a little later in the day than usual because I don't have to worry about d&d today. I'm considering actually moving my upload days to Tuesday since there's more free time... Not gonna do that just yet.

The shot in the final panel is created in homage to the cover art for the cover art for Savatage's 2001 album, Poets and Madmen. Same angle and composition and placement of the gates, but aside from that it would probably be kinda hard to spot. Fun fact tho: Savatage (and Coheed and Cambria) have a sound and tone to their lyrics that works very well with FFIXGaiden, so whenever I need to get into drawing, I tend to play not only music from the FFIX ost, but albums by those guys as well.

Here's a VERY fitting song from the very album that inspired that panel: Morphine Child.

In other news, I really need to replay FFIX as soon as possible because I feel my mojo fading in favor of something else-- and I don't want to let go of this.
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